In an era marked by the rapid growth of educational technology, startups are playing a pivotal role in revolutionizing the way students learn and acquire knowledge. The iHub Nairobi in conjunction with the Mastercard Foundation recognized the potential of these innovative ventures and chose Kidato as one of the 12 startups for its prestigious EdTech Fellowship Cohort in 2023. This recognition serves as a testament to Kidato's dedication to transforming education and empowering students across the globe.

Let's delve into the details of this exciting cohort and explore the range of groundbreaking startups making a difference in the education sector.

  1. Kidato

Kidato is an online school that offers live, personalized classes to K-12 students in Africa. With a focus on bridging the educational gap, Kidato provides an interactive and engaging platform where students can access high-quality education taught by experienced teachers. By combining technology with a rigorous curriculum, Kidato aims to deliver excellent learning experiences and ensure every student has access to quality education.

2. Easy Elimu

Easy Elimu is a Kenyan startup that provides digital learning resources for primary and secondary school students. Their platform offers curriculum-aligned content, including textbooks, revision materials, and practice quizzes. Easy Elimu aims to support self-directed learning, exam preparation, and academic success for students across Kenya.

3. Funke Science:

Funke Science is a startup dedicated to promoting science education among children. Their platform provides interactive and hands-on science experiments, demonstrations, and simulations. Funke Science aims to make learning science fun and engaging, sparking curiosity and nurturing a passion for scientific exploration in young minds.

4. Silabu:

Silabu is an EdTech startup that focuses on improving literacy and language skills for children. Their platform offers interactive language learning modules, reading materials, and phonics exercises. Silabu aims to enhance literacy rates and language proficiency among young learners, supporting their overall academic development.

5. Arifu:

Arifu is an African-based startup that leverages mobile technology to deliver personalized learning experiences. Their platform offers a wide range of courses and skills training in areas such as financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and agricultural practices. Arifu aims to empower individuals with knowledge and skills for economic advancement and improved livelihoods.

6. Virtual Essence:

Virtual Essence is a startup that specializes in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) educational experiences. Their platform provides immersive learning environments and simulations that enhance student engagement and understanding. Virtual Essence aims to harness the power of VR and AR to create impactful and memorable educational experiences across various subjects.

7. Smart Brains Kenya:

Smart Brains Kenya is an EdTech startup focused on enhancing cognitive skills and critical thinking among students. Their platform offers brain-training exercises, puzzles, and cognitive development programs. Smart Brains Kenya aims to equip students with essential skills for problem-solving, creativity, and logical reasoning.

8. Ntemata:

Ntemata is a startup that provides a digital assessment and grading platform for teachers. Their platform enables educators to create and administer assessments, analyze student performance, and generate detailed reports. Ntemata aims to streamline the assessment process, provide valuable insights for teachers, and support data-driven instruction.

9. Elewa:

Elewa is an EdTech startup based in Tanzania, offering a comprehensive digital learning management system (LMS) for schools and educational institutions. Their platform provides tools for course creation, content delivery, assessment, and student progress tracking. Elewa aims to enhance teaching efficiency, student engagement, and overall educational outcomes.

10. Loho Learning:

Loho Learning is a startup that focuses on providing accessible and inclusive learning resources for children with special educational needs. Their platform offers personalized learning plans, adaptive content, and assistive technologies to support diverse learning styles and abilities. Loho Learning aims to ensure that every child has equal opportunities for education and personal growth.

11. Angaza Elimu:

Angaza Elimu delivers personalized and mastery based learning experiences to students through an interactive adaptive e-Learning platform. Their platform offers interactive lessons, assessments, and study materials for primary and secondary school students. Angaza Elimu aims to bridge educational gaps and improve learning outcomes for students. By providing accessible and engaging digital resources, Angaza Elimu empowers students to learn at their own pace and enhances teacher effectiveness through data-driven insights and personalized instruction.

12. Snapplify:

Snapplify is an African EdTech startup that enables digital learning for individuals and institutions via the largest digital education marketplace in Africa. Their platform offers a comprehensive ecosystem for educational institutions, providing access to a vast library of digital textbooks, e-books, and educational resources. Snapplify also offers tools for content creation, distribution, and analytics, empowering schools and publishers to deliver engaging and personalized learning experiences. With a focus on bridging the digital divide, Snapplify aims to make quality educational content accessible to students and educators across Africa.

These 12 startups, including Kidato, represent a dynamic and innovative cohort dedicated to transforming education and improving learning outcomes for students across various regions and domains.

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