Our first Kingles Fun Fest event held on January 28th, 2023, was a huge success😃🙌. Over 150 parents and children attended the event at the Kidato Campus in Lavington and had a blast participating in a variety of activities. From robotics and lego building, and table tennis, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

One of the highlights of the event was its focus on fun and safety, with the Kingles organizing team taking care of all the details so that parents could simply relax and have a good time with their families. Vendors on site reported great sales, and everyone in attendance had a fantastic time.

And the good news is, the fun doesn't have to stop here. Kingles Fest will be held twice a month in different locations, starting with the next event on February 11th, 2023. So if you missed the first one, or if you just had such a good time that you want to do it all over again, be sure to look out for more information on this exciting monthly celebration of family fun.

With a variety of activities for both kids and adults, Kidato's Kingles Fest is the perfect opportunity for families to bond, learn, and play together in a safe and relaxed environment. So don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity – mark your calendars for the next Kingles Fest event and get ready for a day of fun, safety, and relaxation for the whole family!

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